Removal of age restrictions for 457 visa holders to PR

Our immigration expert Majlinda Lulo, Chief Migration Strategist, and our Immigration Director, Belinda Man, gave viewers an overview of the recent announcement for 457 visa holders who are aged over 45 years. The age restriction has been removed which opens doors to PR for many 457 visa holders.

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NZ Opens Borders for Tourism Earlier than Planned

The New Zealand Government has just announced that from 11.59 pm Tuesday 12 April, Australians will be able to travel to New Zealand, isolation-free. Coinciding with the start of the Australian school holidays, this date has been brought forward which is great news for tourist operators in New Zealand and for eligible tourists outside the border.

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NZ Working Holiday Visas Open on 14 March 2022

From Sunday 13 March, 11.59 pm, applications will be open for a range of working holiday schemes in New Zealand. The opening will be a staged approach with various schemes being opened on particular dates that will be confirmed by Immigration New Zealand.

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