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Immigration Compliance &
Audit  Services

Employing foreign workers has many benefits. It comes, however, with important obligations. 

Our immigration compliance and audit services ensure business sponsors adhere to the Australian government’s strict rules, and retain their approved sponsor status to access to skilled foreign workers.

Immigration Compliance Audits: Ensuring Adherence to Australian Immigration Laws

Immigration compliance audits are essential processes conducted by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia to monitor and ensure adherence to immigration laws and regulations. These audits are designed to maintain the integrity of the Australian immigration system, safeguard national security, and promote fair and transparent immigration practices.

Purpose of Immigration Compliance Audits:

  1. Ensuring Visa Holder Compliance: Audits help verify that visa holders, whether temporary or permanent, are complying with the conditions of their visas. This includes checking that they are engaged in the activities for which their visas were granted and abiding by other visa-specific requirements.

  2. Employer Accountability: Compliance audits also focus on employers, ensuring they are fulfilling their obligations regarding the employment of foreign workers. Employers must adhere to visa sponsorship, labor market testing, and employment conditions specified under immigration laws.

  3. Preventing Fraud and Misuse: Audits serve as a mechanism to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, including visa fraud, identity fraud, and misuse of visas for unlawful purposes.

  4. National Security: Immigration compliance audits contribute to national security efforts by identifying potential risks associated with visa holders who may pose security threats or criminal concerns.

Audit Process:

  1. Data Analysis: Immigration authorities analyze data, including visa applications, sponsorship details, and travel records, to identify areas of concern or non-compliance.

  2. Random Audits: Audits may be conducted randomly or triggered by specific red flags, such as discrepancies in visa holder information or employer practices.

  3. On-Site Visits: In some cases, compliance officers may conduct on-site visits to workplaces or residences to verify visa holder activities or employer compliance.

  4. Interviews and Document Review: Auditors may interview visa holders and employers and review documents to verify claims and assess compliance.

  5. Consequences of Non-Compliance: Non-compliance with immigration laws can result in penalties, visa cancellations, and even legal action against both visa holders and sponsoring employers.

What Are Employer’s Obligations
For Sponsoring A ForeignWorker?

Australian businesses sponsoring or employing foreign workers are bound by strict regulations and obligations which must be adhered to.

Absolute Immigration partners with businesses to ensure these obligations are met. These obligations include: 

·       That the sponsored visa holder only works in the originally nominated occupation.

·       The employer does not participate in any discriminatory behaviour.

·       The Department of Home Affairs is notified of any changes to the business, relating to foreign employment.

·       Detailed records are kept and provided if requested, demonstrating compliance with sponsorship obligations.

·       The payments and costs associated with becoming a sponsor are met. This includes reasonable travel and accommodation costs and the costs associated with removing unlawful non-citizens.

For a complete list of obligations, visit the Department of Home Affairs website, or speak to one of our immigration specialists.

Our Immigration Compliance Services For Employers

Absolute Immigration conducts comprehensive immigration audits to ensure businesses are complying with immigration law and to minimise regulatory or reputational risk.

Our team conducts thorough and expansive reviews of immigration employment programs to ensure organisations are compliant with complex immigration law.

Our services include:

· Review of existing immigration programs to determine current compliance levels

· Immigration audit of organisation’s foreign workforce, to ensure their visas contain the requisite right to work in their role 

· Identification of areas for improvement and adherance to employer obligations

· Implementation of operational changes to manage risk and ensure compliance

· Provision of training to key personnel if required; and

· Strategic advice to manage organisation’s ongoing foreign workforce

Why Choose Absolute Immigration

With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team can offer expert immigration advice and peace of mind with our people-focused approach.

People Focused

Our people-first approach filters through our team culture and directly to our valued clients, who are the ultimate purpose of our organisation.  We are all about helping people and helping businesses with their challenges.

Expert Immigration Advice

With our experienced team of Migration Agents and support structure, we pool our strengths and personal immigration experience to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. 

20+ Years Experience 

Absolute Immigration has been helping people live and work in Australia for more than 20 years.  We have expanded, and continue to grow, all based on our reputation for delivering exceptional solutions and service delivery.

Do you need  An Immigration Compliance Audit?

If you are reliant on a foreign workforce, Absolute Immigration can give you the peace of mind to ensure your labour force arrangements comply with Government regulations.

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You can get in touch with the team on our support lines: 1300 227 658 or +61 (03) 9827 3721. Alternatively, you can book a free 10 minute consultation through our Acuity Portal.

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Immigration Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

Visa compliance refers to a visa holder complying with their visa conditions, including keeping details updated and abiding by the terms and limitations outlined in their visa grant.

The benefits of an immigration audit include 

    • Ensuring compliance with immigration laws.
    • Identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities.
    • Minimising legal and financial penalties.
      Maintaining a good reputation.
    • Promoting a culture of compliance within an organisation’s immigration practices.


To avoid a breach and significant penalties, an Immigration Compliance Audit will provide:

    • An understanding of Government regulations & consequences 
    • Actions required to remain compliant
    • Strategic migration advice and training from our experienced team

To test your compliance with the current employer sanctions legislation,  contact the Absolute Immigration team for a confidential assessment and pre-Audit health check. 


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