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Absolute Immigration’s Submission on the Draft Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL)

Core Skills Occupations List

The Australian Government, in collaboration with Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA), has released the draft Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL) for consultation. This development is crucial as it impacts which occupations will be eligible for employer nomination through the Core Skills Pathway of the new Skills in Demand visa, set to replace the Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa. 

During the consultation period that ends on 10th May 2024, JSA is interested in obtaining feedback and submissions from businesses both with and without skill shortages, migrant workers and job seekers.


Absolute Immigration’s submission  

Absolute Immigration recognises the valuable role that foreign workers play in rebuilding Australia’s economy, and we are also committed to advocating on behalf of Australian businesses that have sponsored foreign talent from overseas and utilise their skills and expertise in growing their business and training their Australian workforce. 

Considering this, we are preparing a submission in response to the draft CSOL, and we would highly value the input of business sponsors, both with and without skill shortages, migrant workers, and job seekers to ensure that it accurately reflects the needs and concerns of your business and wider industry.  

How to participate on Absolute Immigration’s submission

  1. Review the lists of occupations.

Review the three lists of occupations created by the government and take note of what occupations your business cannot afford to lose:

  • CSOL Confident On List: This list includes the occupations that JSA is confident about including and keeping on the CSOL.
  • CSOL Confident Off List: This list includes occupations that JSA recommends excluding from the CSOL. This means you might no longer be able to sponsor foreign workers under these occupations.
  • CSOL Targeted for Consultation: This list features occupations that JSA seeks feedback on regarding their potential inclusion or exclusion from the CSOL. Your submissions would be valuable to highlight the need for these occupations to continue to be on the list.  
  1. Complete the questionnaire.

To gather your input, which is vital in helping Absolute Immigration advocate effectively on your behalf, we have prepared a questionnaire with key questions about how the proposed changes could affect your business and which occupations you believe should be included or kept from the list. Your detailed responses will enable us to better represent your interests in our submission to JSA.  

Please share your experiences and views by completing the questionnaire here.  

Extend the invitation  

We also encourage business sponsors to share this opportunity to participate in our submission with colleagues and other businesses within your industry that may be impacted by the changes to the CSOL. A collective response will strengthen our advocacy and help ensure the final list reflects the actual skills needs of Australian businesses.  


Deadline for feedback  

Please submit your responses by 29th May 2024, allowing us time to consolidate feedback for our submission and submit it before the deadline on 10th May. 

Make your own submission

If you wish to provide your feedback directly to JSA, you can complete their survey questions and upload a separate submission. For guidance on creating an effective submission, we have included a comprehensive guide prepared by the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) that you can find here. This guide provides details on the process and how to lodge a submission or complete the online survey.

Assistance and further enquiries  

For any questions or additional assistance, please reach out to our team at for an expert consultation. 

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