The perks

Our team works hard and loves going the extra mile for our clients and our colleagues. With our strong set of PEOPLE values, it means every interaction is personal and not purely a transaction. This does mean that sometimes our personal investment leaves us feeling a bit tired however our hard work is rewarded.

Birthday day off!

We get to celebrate our special day by having the day off for your birthday.

Work Anniversary Gift

Work anniversary

Every year we celebrate our anniversary with a gift – which gets bigger with the number of anniversary years!

Personal Development

Career & Personal

Design your Absolute career and at every six month review, discuss opportunities for training, mentoring and personal development.

Flexible working –
home & office

The concept of working from home has helped many people in different circumstances and eased pressures such as commuting and family commitments. We will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with a hybrid office/home arrangement that suit your needs.


We are a social bunch and take every chance we can to have fun outside of our work environment. We celebrate with a team lunch when new members join us and we often have office gatherings to acknowledge a special day such as R U Ok? Day, World Multicultural Day, etc.

Employee Wellness Program with endota Retreat

Every team member receives two wellness days/year to recharge PLUS an annual endota Complete Retreat membership (access to the endota Retreat platform, spa treatment vouchers and free product each season).

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