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Andrew Giles – our new Minister for Immigration

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On June 1st, 2022, Andrew Giles was appointed Australia’s new Minister of Immigration. Andrew has been a member of the Australian labor party since 2013 representing the division of Scullion in Victoria. Not only is he the new Minister of Immigration, he is also the shadow Minister for Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs in Australia.

Giles plans to work hard to deliver a fairer future for our community and for Australia. Along with the Labor party, Andrew is calling for a new national anti-racism campaign promoting zero tolerance approach to racism. Andrew also has an interest in that of loneliness in Australia, and how governments can respond to deal with this public health challenge. Andrew launched the Parliamentary Friends of Loneliness in 2021 and is co-chair of the group.

Andrew has the same important values as we have here at Absolute Immigration, an important one being a strong passion to help people. With Andrew taking a stand against racism and his passion to help those that are feeling lonely in Australia, being proactive and having that strong passion to help as well as the empathy he shows when he provides support to those struggling, we feel aligned.

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