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Parent Resident Visa EOI and Working Holiday Visa Update

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Immigration New Zealand has announced changes to the 2024 Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) and the Parent Resident Visa Expression of Interest (EOI) that will come into effect in the quarter of the year.

2024 Working Holiday Scheme Unveiled

New dates for the capped Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) have been reopened, commencing on January 25, 2024. As the WHS reopens, individuals are urged to engage in strategic planning, considering potential cap increases for Vietnam’s scheme.

Applications persist until the designated quota is met, with a subsequent hiatus until 2025. Schemes retaining available slots from 2023 remain accessible until the quota is fulfilled, resetting upon the 2024 opening date.

Vietnam Working Holiday Scheme

In 2022, pivotal negotiations between the New Zealand Government and the Government of Vietnam resulted in a substantial augmentation of the Vietnam Working Holiday Scheme (WHS). The cap, previously set at 100, was significantly elevated to accommodate 200 individuals, signifying a noteworthy expansion of opportunities for those seeking a distinctive Kiwi experience.

In 2024, heightened anticipation surrounds the forthcoming enhancements to the Vietnam Working Holiday Scheme. For prospective participants eagerly anticipating the opportunity to partake in a working holiday in New Zealand under the Vietnam Working Holiday Scheme, detailed information will be announced on the Immigration New Zealand website once the opening date for the Vietnam scheme is officially ratified. This resource is poised to serve as a comprehensive guide, encompassing updates, prerequisites, and application procedures.

For a consolidated overview of the confirmed opening dates and quotas for other Working Holiday Schemes in 2024, refer to the table on the Immigration New Zealand website.

Parent Resident Visa EOI

Applicants who submitted their expressions of interest (EOIs) before 31 January 2024 for the Parent Resident Visa Category, will have the opportunity to be selected in the February ballot, scheduled on 13 February 2024. The next ballot draw will take place in May, which means the next deadline for submitting EOIs will be 31 April 2024.

For those who have already submitted their EOIs, it is imperative to verify that all requirements of the category are met. Additionally, note that EOIs have the flexibility to be updated or withdrawn before the selection process.

The next selection for the Parent Resident Visa Category expressions of interest (EOIs) is scheduled for 13 February 2024. To be considered for this draw, all EOIs must have been submitted by 31 January 2024. A total of 100 individuals will be selected in the February ballot.

Recent Changes to Parent Resident Visa Requirements

Commencing 12 October 2022, the Parent Resident Visa underwent a restart, introducing modifications to the sponsorship requirements:

  • Sponsors are now required to earn 1.5 times the New Zealand median wage, with incremental increases for each joint sponsor or additional parent.
  • Two adult children, rather than an adult child and their partner, can now jointly sponsor a parent.
  • Other prerequisites for the Parent Resident Visa remain unchanged.

It is crucial to note that if a EOI is selected, it will be evaluated against the updated requirements. In the event of a declined application, there will be no refund of the EOI fee.

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