Our recruitment process

1. Reviewing applications


We have a dedicated HR Manager for both New Zealand and Australia who manages job listings, reads incoming applications and connects talent with our relevant team members. After your application is reviewed, we will be in touch by phone or email.

2. Interview process


We will call and invite you for an interview via video link such as Zoom. Generally the HR Manager and a senior manager will be in the interview. We will discuss the position and ask you questions to gauge your suitability to the role – and this is your opportunity to ask us questions too!

3. Interview preparation

Interview Preparation

To prepare for the interview we suggest getting familiar with the Position Description and think about how your experience matches what we are looking for. We also suggest you get to know and understand our values because these are at the core of what we do.

4. Sometimes a case study

Sometimes a case study

For particular roles, we like to ask for a case study. This enables you to show us your written skills as well as how you approach situations and use your experience to work through challenges. This will be after the interview and you will have 3-4 days to send it back to us.

5. Decision making time

Decision making time

We like to work quickly and will give you a time frame of when we will be in touch – it’s usually around 4-7 working days, depending on how many positions we have available. We always do reference prior to appointing any new team member.

6. Part of the AI NZ Family

Part of the AI family

We love welcoming new team members and be rest assured, you will receive a warm welcome from both sides of the Tasman!. A scheduled induction program will be given to you on Day One. This will be done virtually, giving you the opportunity to understand all parts of our business and to ask questions. Via video, you will meet everyone that you will have contact with including support teams in Australia.