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Introducing Workforce Australia Online from 1 Jul 2022

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Delivered by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, a new employment service will be introduced on 1 July 2022.

This change will be of benefit to employers who are unable to fill roles within the Australian pool of talent. The online portal will enable employers to advertise directly on the Workforce Australia Online platform which will streamline the steps required in order to ultimately recruit an overseas candidate.

The service will include a new digital platform where individuals and businesses can connect and manage their own employment needs, as well as a network of providers to deliver personalised support for those with more complex needs.

Workforce Australia will have two levels of service:

Level one: Workforce Australia online

Job seekers on income support who are assessed as being able to self-manage their search for work and gain employment will be referred to Workforce Australia Online employment services where they will have access to:

  • core services such as resume tools, online learning, professional career guidance, a Jobs Board with skills matching, and links to training and other programs
  • financial support to get the tools and skills needed to find and keep a job
  • a dedicated contact centre to support and optimise their use of the online services.


There will also be safeguards in place to ensure job seekers are successfully self-managing. These include periodic reviews and support from the Digital Service Contact Centre to check a job seeker’s ability to self-manage online, and to assist with a transfer if they would benefit from more tailored services offered by a provider.

Level two: Providers service

Job seekers who need more assistance or choose to receive services offered by a provider will receive tailored case management delivered by Workforce Australia employment services providers. Employment services providers will:

  • work closely with employers to fill vacancies with the right staff while achieving sustainable employment for more job seekers on their caseload, and
  • develop strong local connections and deliver tailored and intensive case management through lower staff-to-caseload ratios.


Workforce Australia will have a new provider licensing system and performance framework, designed to drive quality services and deliver employment outcomes and reward high-performing providers.


For further details of what this means for businesses who wish to sponsor foreign workers, please get in touch with our team of experts.

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