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Alex Kaufman is the Director of Absolute Immigration Legal and is an extremely experienced Immigration Lawyer with over 16 years working in the industry. As Vice President of the NSW/ACT State Committee of the Migration Institute of Australia and a Legal Practitioner admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia, Alex provides us with his view on the path ahead for immigration reform in Australia.

Responding to the recent comments made by Minister O’Neil regarding the “broken” Australian immigration system, “The ‘Broken’-ness is often (and politically) attributed to the propensity for exploitation in the migration program. Any self-respecting migration professional accepts and understands the need for integrity in the program to limit the scope for exploitation of individuals who come to our country. At the same time, migration professionals and their clients continually wrestle with increasingly opaque decision-making, unpublished or confusing policy directives, changing of goalposts, multifarious reports, reviews, and inquiries without clear guidance on implementation timeframes, offshore posts acting without fear of accountability under principles of natural justice, as well as entrenched processing times running into the decades for certain visa categories.”

Alex follows on with his views regarding the impact and challenges to the following areas that are major areas of Australia’s migration program:

  • Labour Market Testing
  • Sponsored visitor visas
  • GTE requirement being used to refuse visas for students, partners, and visitors
  • Treatment of business and investor visa applicants
  • Labour Agreements and
  • The new Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold of $70,000
  • The Global Talent program


To read Alex’s full opinion piece, click here.

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