Immigration experts in NZ & Australia

Behind the AI family

Our vision is to change peoples lives

Our mantra is People. Not Paper

Behind the ‘AI Family’

We call ourselves The AI Family because we are a group of individuals from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds who all share a common vision – we want to change people’s lives and help make a difference.  

Established in both New Zealand and Australia, we pride ourselves on being a culturally diverse team and we celebrate the fact that as a team, we are from 20 countries and speak 26 languages between us!  We love to acknowledge each other’s cultures and have produced a recipe book to showcase our favourite recipes from our respective backgrounds.

Our mantra is People. Not paper and it is incorporated into the relationship of every stakeholder we work with.  Whether they are an individual client, an employer of a foreign worker, a recruitment agency, a supplier or a valued colleague – people come first.

We love PEOPLE so much, our values even spell the acronym! 

Our Values

We love what we do and have fun doing it

As trusted and compassionate strategists, we understand your journey and are committed to the best outcome

Overcoming barriers through experience, resourcefulness and innovative thinking

We act with integrity, respect and full transparency

We are forward thinkers, always striving for excellence in everything we do

We are driven to go above and beyond and exceed expectations