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WA’s New Construction Visa Subsidy Program for Companies

The State Government of Western Australia has implemented the Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) to aid construction companies in addressing the current demand for a skilled workforce in the construction sector, a critical industry that underpins the state’s development and infrastructure growth.

The State Government is proactively investing in initiatives aimed at equipping locals with the skills necessary for future job markets. However, there is a clear understanding that this alone will not be enough. The vitality of the economy and the continuous growth of each industry also hinges on retaining skilled migrants in WA. Additionally, there is a pressing need for interstate and overseas workers who possess the immediate skills required by WA businesses today.

The program offers grant payments of up to $10,000. These grants are a significant boon, as they support skilled migration visa pathways for workers. More importantly, they help offset various expenses associated with the migration process. This includes migration agent fees, visa application fees, and even relocation costs – expenses that often pose a challenge for many skilled workers wishing to move to WA.


The Government will distribute grants up to $10,000 for company sponsors, at three milestone points for each skilled migrant they sponsor:


      • Milestone 1: $2,000

      • Milestone 2: $4,000

      • Milestone 3: $4,000


    Milestone 1 in particular, does not require already having an employee. To submit a claim for Milestone 1, an expressed intent to the Department of Home Affairs will suffice. When sponsoring two or more skilled migrants, detailed hiring plans will be required to submit.

    Milestones 2 and 3 will require the skilled migrant to receive a visa and be employed in order to be claimed.


    The CVSP is very flexible for employers in the construction sector; employers can sponsor through different visa subclasses – 482, 494, and 186. Employers would also need to be headquartered and engaged in commercial/residential building and construction work in Western Australia. The table below provides information on the occupations the skilled migrants must be employed in.

    ANZSCO Name
    133111 Construction project manager
    133112 Project builder
    232111 Architect
    232112 Landscape architect
    232212 Surveyor
    232611 Urban and regional planner
    233211 Civil engineer
    233213 Quantity surveyor
    233214 Structural engineer
    312111 Architectural draftsperson
    312112 Building associate
    312113 Building inspector (including building certifiers/building surveyors)
    312114 Construction estimator
    312115 Plumbing inspector
    312116 Surveying or spatial science technician
    312199 Architectural, building and surveying technicians not elsewhere classified
    312211 Civil engineering draftsperson
    312212 Civil engineering technician
    312311 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
    312312 Electrical Engineering Technician
    312911 Maintenance planner
    312999 Building and engineering technician
    331111 Bricklayer
    331112 Stonemason
    331211 Carpenter and joiner
    331212 Carpenter
    331213 Joiner
    332111 Floor finisher
    332211 Painting trades worker
    333111 Glazier
    333211 Fibrous plasterer
    333212 Solid plasterer
    333311 Roof tiler
    333411 Wall and floor tiler
    334111 Plumber (general)
    334115 Roof plumber
    334112 Air conditioning and mechanical services plumber
    334113 Drainer
    334114 Gasfitter
    341111 Electrician (general)
    341112 Electrician (special class)
    341113 Lift mechanic
    342111 Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
    342411 Cabler (data and telecommunications)
    362213 Landscape gardener
    394111 Cabinetmaker
    399912 Interior decorator
    399918 Fire protection equipment technician
    511111 Contract administrator
    712111 Crane, hoist or lift operator
    721211 Earthmoving plant operator (general)
    721212 Backhoe operator
    721214 Excavator operator
    721216 Loader operator
    721915 Road roller operator
    821211 Concreter
    821712 Scaffolder
    821713 Steel fixer
    821912 Driller’s assistant
    Note: Different occupations would require different visa subclasses.


    For independent migrants, there is the CVSP State Nominated Stream where they can also claim the Construction Visa Subsidy for working in Western Australia. Those that are applying for the CVSP onshore will receive two milestones totaling to $5,000 ($2,500 upon first payslip with eligible sponsor, and another $2,500 after 6 months of work). 

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