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Subclass 186 Transitional Arrangement Reminder

457/482 Visa Holders

Have you applied for or held a subclass 457 visa before 18 April 2017, and are supported by your current employer to apply for the subclass 186 visa under the Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream?

If so, you may wish to lodge the application prior to the upcoming deadline of 18 March 2022.

Significance of 18 April 2017

If you applied for your subclass 457 visa before 18 April 2017 and it was subsequently granted, then you may be eligible to apply for the subclass 186 visa under TRT once you have worked for your current employer for at least 2 years full time (whilst on this visa or another 457/482 visa). Provided that you meet the English and Age requirements.

This is known as the subclass 186 TRT transitional arrangement.

Transitional Arrangement

The above transitional arrangement is in place from 18 March 2018 to 18 March 2022.

The legal instrument that specifies the transitional arrangement will be repealed at the start of 18 March 2022.

This means your subclass 186 TRT visa application must be lodged before 18 March 2022, so that:

  • occupation list requirements and limitations do not apply;
  • the minimum period you are required to have been employed in your nominated occupation as the holder of a subclass 457 (or 482) visa will remain at two years;
  • you can be under the age of 50 at the time of application


If the above are applicable to you, or you would like clarification on your Australian visa pathways, please do not hesitate to contact your trusted partners at Absolute Immigration.

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