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Remaining Lawful in Australia: Bridging Visas

Remaining Lawful in Australia: Bridging Visas

If your current visa is expiring or has expired and you are waiting for a new substantive visa to be granted (this includes the new 408 COVID-19 Visa), then there are a range of bridging visas you may be eligible for to ensure you remain lawful in Australia.

Bridging visas are granted to allow a person to stay lawfully in Australia in the absence of a substantive visa being in place and comes with certain rights and conditions depending on your circumstances (your specific visa conditions can be found by conducting a VEVO check).

Bridging visas ensure you remain lawful in Australia whilst you are:

  • applying for a new substantive visa, or
  • making arrangements to leave the country, or
  • applying for a judicial review, or
  • applying for a different bridging visa, or
  • other circumstances recognised by the Department of Home Affairs.

You cannot use a bridging visa for the purpose of extending your stay in Australia – you must apply for a new substantive visa.

What happens if you stay in Australia as an unlawful non-citizen?

You are considered unlawful if you stay in Australia without a valid visa.

If you cannot get a new visa and you do not leave Australia, the Department of Home Affairs holds the right to:

  • detain you,
  • remove you from Australia,
  • bill you for your removal from Australia, and/or
  • refuse to grant you another Australian visa for three years.

At Absolute Immigration, we’re here to reduce the stress and tension of possible unlawfulness and if you’re deemed to be an unlawful non-citizen, we’re here to support you through your transition to a bridging visa.

We have created the below table to outline the general conditions between each bridging visa:

Please note that this should serve as a guide only, and personal circumstances can affect which bridging visa you are eligible for, as well as any entitlements and conditions you are subject to. Applicants are encouraged to speak to a registered migration agent to confirm eligibility.

Get in touch with us below to find out if you’re eligible for access to one of the bridging visas.

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