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Preventing the exploitation of migrant workers

Living and working in New Zealand presents many amazing opportunities and as popularity increases, Immigration New Zealand is aware of employment scams and fraud, experienced by some migrants when being employed in New Zealand.


This is an unfortunate situation and Immigration New Zealand is therefore working hard to create awareness and encourage any fraudulent is reported.   Advice from Immigration New Zealand has been developed to help people identify and protect themselves from possible immigration scams and fraud.


As an immigration agency with extremely high standards and ethics, we want to assist Immigration New Zealand and share their advice which includes:


  • How to check for signs of a scam
  • What to do if you are asked to pay for a job
  • How to get application priority and access to immigration officers if you are involved in a scam
  • What to do if you are asked to lie in order to qualify for a job or a visa, told you do not have the same employment rights as a New Zealander, offered a package deal, promised residence and other unusual benefits, told you must use an adviser
  • Action to take if you are not getting visa application updates
  • Ways to protect yourself from scams


Whether you are planning on coming to New Zealand and getting a visa, or you are already working here, please familiarise yourself with the advice you can find on Immigration New Zealand’s website:  click here

    For any questions regarding this update, compliance concerns for an employer of a foreign worker, or any further immigration matters, please contact Arno Nothnagel, our NZ Immigration Director, here

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