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Partnership Expansion: ASEAN-Australia Visa Changes in 2024

Partnership Expansion: ASEAN-Australia Visa Changes in 2024 Partnership

The Melbourne Declaration, announced on 1 July 2024, reaffirms the strong partnership between ASEAN nations and Australia, promising a future of enhanced cooperation and growth. 


Key visa changes to boost business opportunities 

Australia has extended the business visitor visa to up to 5 years, allowing people from ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste to conduct business more effectively. This change, applicable to applications lodged after 1 April 2024, was revealed by Prime Minister Albanese at the 2024 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in March. For more details, refer to the Visitor visa (subclass 600) Business visitor stream. 


Benefits of extended business visitor visa 

With the new visa duration, business visitors can stay in Australia for up to 3 months per visit, enabling them to: 

  • Negotiate contracts 
  • Make general business or employment enquiries 
  • Participate in conferences or trade fairs 
  • Be part of official government visits 


This policy aims to enhance trade, foster people-to-people links, attract investments, and create jobs. More details can be found in Australia’s blueprint to deepen ties with Southeast Asia


Expansion of the Frequent Traveller stream 

Later this year, Australia will extend the 10-year visitor visa Frequent Traveller stream to ASEAN states and Timor-Leste, further facilitating business travel and regional cooperation. However, Myanmar is excluded from these measures. Learn more about the Frequent Traveller stream


Strategic implications of the Melbourne Declaration 

These visa changes align with Australia’s broader Migration Strategy, aiming to: 

  • Boost international mobility 
  • Support regional relationships 
  • Strengthen community connections between ASEAN and Australia 

For more information, visit Australia’s Migration Strategy


The visa changes are expected to significantly impact both businesses and individuals. Businesses will benefit from increased international collaboration, easier contract negotiations, and participation in global trade events. Individuals from ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste will have greater opportunities for professional development, networking, and exploring business ventures in Australia. 


The Melbourne Declaration is a significant step towards a more integrated and prosperous ASEAN-Australia partnership. Please contact our expert team at to arrange an online consultation. 

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