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Investment pathways for immigration to Australia & New Zealand

While the COVID-19 restrictions have made immigration difficult, there are still a number of pathways available to people looking to migrate to Australia and New Zealand – you just need to find the right pathway for your specific needs and situation

In the migration landscape, there is a strong appeal to obtain investment and entrepreneur visas for Australia and New Zealand. Both countries offer opportunities for temporary to permanent residence through these visas, attracting appeal from investors who are thinking of conducting long-term business in Australia and New Zealand.

Although COVID-19 has complicated the landscape and left visa decisions delayed and uncertain, there still seems to be a growing interest in investing in businesses or innovation opportunities in both countries. Given its increasing popularity and many benefits, investor and entrepreneur visas come with a set requirements that need to be met in order to be successful when applying.

Absolute Immigration has condensed some of the basic requirements below to help you in understanding the application process and deciding which visa pathway is right for you.

Australian investment pathways to immigration

  • Temporary visa investment pathways

  • Permanent visa investment pathways

New Zealand investment pathways to immigration

This only serves as a guide: contact one of our agents today to see if you are eligible for one of the following business visas in either Australia or New Zealand.

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