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Hongkongers, Australia could be your future home

A couple of months ago, the Chinese government surprised the world with a new security law that gives it extensive powers over Hong Kong, a former British colony that for decades has enjoyed great autonomy and independence from mainland China.

The law is a result of Beijing’s determination to bring about radical political change in Hong Kong, as it establishes a vast security apparatus on the territory and gives China broad powers to intervene in Hong Kong’s legal affairs and a crackdown on a variety of political crimes, including separatism and collusion.

Hong Kong has always differentiated itself from the rest of mainland China with free and independent media, open internet, its own legal and judicial systems; district organizations with no political power; its own policies related to money, finance, trade, customs, and foreign exchange; its limited democracy and its capitalist economy. However, the future of the city remains uncertain and alarming for many Hongkongers who are concerned about the establishment of a new era in which civil liberties would be restricted or altogether taken away.

This situation, adding to other economic factors, like high housing prices and the lack of job opportunities for graduates, has resulted in many Hongkongers considering moving abroad, reviewing many different scenarios and the options they have available to them and their families.

Consequently, many countries around the world have expanded their offers of resettlement and permanent migration to residents of the global financial centre. Australia, for instance, has decided to grant to Hong Kong students, professionals, and individuals extensions to their current visas (up to five years with labour rights) and the possibility to new skilled and talented migrants or investors to relocate and take up a permanent residence pathway with more flexibility. You can read about all the special visa arrangements for Hong Kong here.

For a lot of Hongkongers, Australia is an attractive destination because it offers stable economic performance, a similar legal system, a world-class education system, and cultural diversity and democracy. That is why many Hong Kong residents are currently eyeing off Australia as a future home and first choice for immigration.

There is also a lot of interest from investors and business owners from Hong Kong, who would like to bring their business skills to Australia, invest in new areas and create job opportunities. An exciting opportunity for the next generation of economic activity and cultural diversity.

Australia and Hong Kong have always had a close relationship, especially in the commercial sphere, as hundreds of talented Hong Kong residents, who have come to the country, have contributed to Australia’s economic growth, with the generation of new job opportunities, investments and the implementation of innovative industries and markets.

Australia wants to consolidate this relationship and has offered extensive benefits to Hongkongers, who will have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, obtaining great opportunities by migrating permanently to the Oceania continent.

As a result, with the new measures from the Australian Government, it is expected that nearly 10,000 existing temporary skilled, temporary graduate and student visa holders, 2,500 individual outside Australia and 1,250 applicants onshore, will benefit.

Absolute Immigration is here to advise all Hong Kong citizens who are looking to change their future and make the move to Australia. Our experienced team of passionate immigration agents and administrators are ready to build strategies and find the perfect pathway to permanent residence for you, taking into consideration your particular situation.

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