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Citizenship Application

Eligibility criteria for Australian Citizenship

Each applicant for citizenship must meet the following criteria:

  • Immediately before making the application, you have 4 years of physical residence in Australia, and not been absent for more than one year during the 4 year period, with the last 12 months living in Australia as a permanent resident, without being absent from Australia for more than 90 days during this period
  • Be of good character
  • Have a basic knowledge of the English language
  • Intend to reside or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia
  • Have an adequate knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship
  • Pass the Citizenship Test (if you are under 18 years or over 60 years of age, you are not required to sit the citizenship test)

Documents required

There are 3 main types of documents required for this application; namely:

  • Identity documents
  • Character documents
  • Supporting documents

Without knowing your personal circumstances (including age, countries visited/lived, marital status, etc.) we cannot provide a full and detailed checklist of documents however one of our migration agents would be more than happy to discuss your situation and potential citizenship possibilities.

Contact one of our migration agents today and take the first step in your citizenship application.

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