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Registrations are opening for Pacific Access Category & Samoan Quota in NZ


NZ Immigration has announced that the Pacific Access Category (PAC) and the Samoan Quota (SQ) ballots will open 1 August 2023 and close 31 August 2023.

Both annual ballots will be drawn in early October 2023

The two schemes will enable people from Samoa and Tonga,Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji to become permanent residents in New Zealand.

Samoan Quota (SQ)

The maximum number of SQ visas available is:
  • 1,650 Samoan citizens each year to 2025
  • 1,100 Samoan citizens each year from 2026 onwards

Pacific Access Category (PAC)

The maximum number of PAC visas available for 2023 is:

  • • 500 Fijian citizens150 Kiribati citizens
    • 500 Tongan citizens
    • 150 Tuvaluan citizens.

The maximum number of PAC visas available for 2024 onwards is:
• 250 Fijian citizens each year
• 75 Kiribati citizens each year
• 250 Tongan citizens each year
• 75 Tuvaluan citizens each year


Invitation to apply

People who are successful on the ballot and are invited to apply for a PAC or SQ resident visa will have eight months to submit their application



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