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Why Invest in New Zealand

If you are seeking an opportunity to integrate both your commercial and lifestyle interests, look no further than what New Zealand has to offer you. New Zealand’s generous environment offers an attractive balance between investment opportunities and expansive lifestyle and recreation choices in landscapes unique to New Zealand.

International Recognition for its Optimal Business Environment

Ranked first for its prosperity in wealth and wellbeing in the Legatum Prosperity Index in 2016 and consistently remaining in the top 10 countries since then, New Zealand promises invaluable opportunities for those investing in the country. Investment is safeguarded by New Zealand’s extremely low corruption and bribery rates, illustrated by the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index where New Zealand has consistently scored in the 98th percentile for transparency. You can have peace of mind knowing that your New Zealand investments are low risk and facilitated by high trust between businesses.

Ultimately, New Zealand’s business-friendly practices continue to be recognised in the international landscape: the World Bank has named New Zealand as the easiest place to do and start a business in and Forbes declared New Zealand as the fifth best country for business in 2019. It does not take a lot of convincing to see the benefits of investing in one of the most trusted countries for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Options and Opportunities for Investing

There are many opportunities to invest in NZ, including:

  • getting involved with start-up businesses,
  • buying a business or franchise,
  • buying commercial property;
  • buying shares,
  • starting a business, and
  • buying bonds.

If you believe you have the satisfactory skills, capital, and connections, you may be eligible for an investor or business visa that will allow you to live in New Zealand as you work. These include the Investor 1 Visa, Investor 2 Visa, Entrepreneur Work Visa, and the Global Impact visa that facilitate your skills and experience as an investor whilst allowing you to experience New Zealand’s unmatched lifestyle. Eligible visas also have paths to permanent residency, giving you the opportunity to continue pioneer in New Zealand’s market.

Talk to one of our migration agents today to discuss your journey to investing in New Zealand through an investor or business visa today!

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For more information on immigration pathways for investment in New Zealand, click here.

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