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New Zealand updates Skills Match Report process

If you want to hire a migrant working from 7 October 2020 the process for getting a Skills Match report will change. The New Zealand Government is streamlining the Skills Match Report process so employers can more easily find out if New Zealanders are available for jobs.

While the impact of COVID-19 varies across regions, in general there are a number of New Zealanders looking for work so the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has created a list of occupations and regions where there is a clear over or undersupply of New Zealanders on Job Seeker Support.

From the 7 October 2020, if the role you’re filling is:

  • Oversupplied, we will not issue a Skills Match Report. If you want to hire a migrant, you can still submit a work visa application to Immigration New Zealand to be considered.
  • Undersupplied in your region, you will not need to get a Skills Match Report to support a work visa application.

Undersupply of New Zealand job seekers

For occupations and regions where there is an undersupply of New Zealand job seekers, employers no longer need a Skills Match Report for roles paying below the national median wage, currently $25.50 an hour.

Employers can support a migrant work visa application if they can show they have genuinely and publicly advertised the role so New Zealanders looking for work are likely to have seen it.

Use the MSD tool to check if your role is undersupplied here.

Oversupply of New Zealand job seekers

New Zealand’s immigration system is designed to ensure that New Zealanders are first in line for jobs, then enabling access to migrant workers where there is a genuine need that cannot be met.

For occupations and regions on the oversupply list, there are New Zealand job seekers on Job Seeker Support available. Employers can move straight to engaging with MSD to recruit New Zealand job seekers.

Oversupply list:

Retail and hospitality

  • Cafe worker (431211)
  • Cook (351411)
  • Commercial housekeeper (811411)
  • Domestic housekeeper (811412)
  • Fast food cook (851111)
  • Kitchenhand (851311)
  • Sales assistant (621111)
  • Shelf filler (891211)
  • Waiter (431511)


  • Builder’s labourer (821111)
  • Concreter (821211)
  • Drainage, sewerage and stormwater labourer (821112)
  • Earthmoving labourer (821113)
  • Paving and surfacing labourer (821511)
  • Plumber’s assistant (821114)
  • Administration and Call Centre
  • Admissions Clerk (542112)
  • Call or Contact Centre Operator (541112)
  • General Clerks (531111)
  • Hotel or Motel Receptionist (542113)
  • Information Officer (541211)
  • Medical Receptionist (542114)
  • Personal Assistant (521111)
  • Receptionist (General) (542111)
  • Secretary (521211)

Manufacturing and Warehousing

  • Baking Factory Worker (831111)
  • Confectionery Worker (831113)
  • Dairy Products Maker (831114)
  • Food and Drink Factory Workers nec (831199)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker (831115)
  • Grain Mill Worker (831116)
  • Order Clerk (591117)
  • Product Assembler (832211)
  • Stock Clerk (591115)
  • Store person (741111)
  • Sugar Mill Worker (831117)
  • Warehouse Administrator (591116)


  • Delivery driver (732111)

If your role is not oversupplied or undersupplied in your region, you will need a Skills Match Report to hire a migrant worker if they will be earning a wage below the national median average of $25.50 per hour. The process to get a Skills Match Report will not change.

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