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Changes Made to Health Requirements

Recent changes to significant cost thresholds for migrant health requirements are likely to benefit permanent resident applicants who may otherwise have failed Australia’s stringent health screening program.

Foreigners wishing to relocate to Australia on temporary or permanent visas must demonstrate they are free from a health condition that would result in significant cost to the Australian community for the provision of health care or community services. Under the previous policy approach, the significant cost threshold was $40,000, calculated against the duration of a temporary visa or for the lifetime of a permanent visa applicant. Under the new policy, the threshold has been increased to $49,000, and permanent visa applicants will be assessed only for a period of 10 years.

Katherine Keane, Senior Registered Migration Agent at Absolute Immigration, welcomed the changes.

“The cost threshold had not changed for many years, and it was time for a raise to reflect increases to living and health care costs. This sensible change in policy may allow permanent applicants who have manageable conditions a chance at an Australian visa where they would otherwise have failed the criteria and either been blocked from residence altogether or forced to pursue a health waiver, which is a time-consuming and often expensive process.”

All migrants are still required to be free from any health condition which may pose a risk to the Australian community.

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