Sponsored Temporary Parent visa subclass 870

26th May 2020

Permission to lodge onshore

The online application form for subclass 870 Sponsored Temporary Parent sponsorship has made provisions to apply for the parent to be able to lodge their visa application while onshore.

The Parent Processing Centre has been lenient with these requests during the COIVD-19 crisis and many application have been approved.

There are some requirements the parent must meet to be approved:

  • The parent cannot currently hold an onshore visa with a condition 8503 or 8543
  • The condition must be waived before applying

If you have been refused of permission to lodge onshore you may be able to have these conditions waived and then submit the waiver and request to apply onshore to be further considered.

Contact our team to find out more about waiving conditions 8503 or 8543 and requesting onshore application.

Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa subclass 870

This visa provides parents with a pathway to temporarily reunite with tehir children in Australia.

To be eligible a parent must be:

  • the biological parent of the sponsor, or
  • legal parent (including adoptive parent) of the sponsor, or
  • step-parent of the sponsor, or
  • parent in-law of the sponsor

The sponsor must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or
  • an Australian permanent resident, or
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen

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