Managing Social Distancing

Managing Social Distancing

As the spread of coronavirus continues we're all trying to do our best to practice social distancing and when needed, self-isolate.

So how do you manage feelings of loneliness and possible boredom? We have a few tips and ticks for you below and hopefully something to make you smile.

  1. Engage in a healthy diet: health body = healthy mind
  2. Exercise as much as possible. Maybe you can't leave the house but you can always do yogain your bedroom
  3. Stay in touch with people. If you're working from home schedule regular phone or video calls with colleagues and friends
  4. Start a new hobby. We find knittingextremely relaxing, or you can buy a Ukulele for just $30
  5. Start a new podcast or Netflix series

And if you're still feeling unsure about how to get through self-isolation and social distancing, google self-isolation memes....

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