Global Talent Scheme Here to Stay

15th August 2019

Over the past 12 months, the Morrison Government has been trialing the Global Talent Scheme (GTS).

This GTS has two streams, one for established businesses and the other for start-ups, all with a view to filling highly specialised positions within the tech industry. Established businesses must have an annual turnover of $4 million to qualify and can apply for up to twenty visas per year. Start-up businesses are limited to five visas per year.

The GTS targets the science, mathematics, technology and engineering industries and specifically highly skilled individuals employed on a salary of no less than $180,000 annually for established businesses and $53,900 for start-ups.

Visas approved under the GTS offer a transitional pathway to permanent residence after three years and companies such as Rio Tinto and Coles are already utilising.

If you believe you or your business fits the bill and would like to explore this pathway

Please contact one of our Registered Migration Agents