Elana Ibrahim

Migration Coordinator

Born in Batroun, Lebanon and moved to Australia when she was two years old, Elana found her passion for the Australian Migration Culture thanks to her mom and the love with which she talks about Australia and the stories she experienced when she migrated to the country when she was just a girl.

Elana has extensive experience in the immigration industry, working with the Department of Home Affairs for several years in different areas and roles where she has supported visa applicants with tourist, refugee, partner, student, and Citizen visas as an Information Officer. She has also conducted Inspections to ensure that Federal Government regulation and policies are in line. It is this experience that also sparked her interest in helping change people’s lives.

Adding to Elana’s fantastic work experience, she is fluent in Arabic, holds a Diploma in Government Investigations and is finalizing a Diploma in WHS and a Diploma in Migration Law.

Outside of work, you can find Elana going shopping (If she could shop all day she would!), reading, taking short vacations where she always tries to find new experiences or practising Muay Thai, a discipline that she started to practice after her last trip to Bali.