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Top 4 lifestyle reasons to invest in New Zealand

There are a number of reasons why investing and living in New Zealand is a great lifestyle decision, and we’ve listed the top 4 for you here:

  1. World-class lifestyle
  2. Safe and secure
  3. Friendly people
  4. Recreational activities

A well-developed and well-connected country with a secure and safe economic environment is an important factor to consider when you are investing in offshore ventures. But if you’re looking for a pathway to immigration through your investments, it’s also important to consider how your business interests combine with the lifestyle you want. New Zealand provides incredible investment opportunities and an exceptional and sophisticated lifestyle with access to some of the most stunning landscapes and outdoor activities.

New Zealand has just the right work-life balance that helps the country consistently lead international quality-of-life surveys. In 2020, HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey rated New Zealand as the third-best country for work-life balance and, in 2019, HR consultants Mercer ranked Auckland, for the eighth consecutive time, as the third best city in the world for quality of living.

Combine New Zealand’s exceptional lifestyle and economic prosperity with their response to contain COVID-19 and the country has never been more desirable. New Zealand is considered one of the most authentic, reliable, trusted, and safest destinations to travel in the future, according to the international perception research ‘Global Pulse Check’, conducted by New Zealand Story in 2020.

If you are on the lookout for a sound investment in a dynamic market with an excellent quality of life, then New Zealand is for you. Here are the top reasons to make New Zealand your new home and embrace Kiwi life:

1. World-class lifestyle

With a combination of cosmopolitan urban centres and relaxing wide-open spaces, such as fertile green countryside, majestic forests, snow-capped mountains, astonishing beaches, and world-class wine regions, New Zealand balances city life with the possibility of exploring the great outdoors on your doorstep.

Life is more relaxed in New Zealand whilst also having the benefit of big cities close by. It’s no surprise that the largest city, Auckland, was ranked third in the 2019 Quality of Living survey conducted every year by global HR consultants Mercer.

2. Safe and secure

Due to low crime levels, New Zealand was ranked first on the Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index and second on the 2020 Global Peace Index. It’s one of the most peaceful and least corrupt countries in the world due to strict border security and the integrity and scrutiny of its institutions, especially the police and judiciary systems.

Its strong, democratic and inclusive political system and secure and safe economic environment have converted New Zealand into one of the preferred countries for investors and entrepreneurs to do business in the world.

3. Friendly people

Warmth and hospitality are some of the well-known characteristics of New Zealanders, a country where multiple cultures merge, doors are always open, and newcomers are welcomed as they settle into the New Zealand way of life. New Zealand has been dubbed as the “Team of 5 million” by its Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, as a sign of the union and sense of community among its inhabitants.

New Zealand is also a compassionate country that acts with integrity, focusing on humanity and the protection of its citizens. The Māori people, the first inhabitants of the country, and their culture make up the core of the nation’s identity. Since the 1850s, the Māori population has experienced strong growth and their history and culture have become increasingly recognised in everyday life in the country.

4. Recreational activities

New Zealand has a lively recreational, art, and culture scene, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, such as water, snow, and extreme sports; some of the most beautiful walks in the world; music, theatre, film, and comedy events; not to mention access to some of the world’s best food and wine.

As a measure to stimulate the economy and help the country recover from COVID-19, the Government has injected unprecedented funds and efforts into events and projects, which will bring development to the country, increase domestic tourism, generate more jobs and attract more international investments.

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