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New Zealand investment & innovation visas

Investment opportunities in New Zealand continue to grow as the New Zealand Government target businesses, investors and entrepreneurs as they focus on rebuilding their economy through investment and immigration.

Depending on your skills, experience and capital, there are a number of dedicated visa pathways to allow you and your family to live and work in New Zealand.

Investor visas

Investor visas provide a clear pathway to permanent residency in New Zealand and permits you to take advantage of the incredible lifestyle as well as growing business opportunities.

There are two categories of investor visas:

  • Investor 1 (minimum investment NZ$10 million for at least three years)
  • Investor 2 (minimum investment NZ$3 million for at least four years)

Types of investments can include:

  • Equity in NZ firms, public or private. An equity investment can be active or passive, and be made direct or via managed funds (only the proportion of the Fund that is invested in NZ is counted as acceptable).
  • Bonds, issued by the NZ Government, NZ local authorities or approved NZ banks, finance companies or firms.
  • New residential property development that is not for the investor’s personal use and designed to make a commercial return on the open market.
  • Up to 15% of the investment total can be philanthropic investment.

Entrepreneur visas

The New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa allows you to move to New Zealand and buy or establish a business. If you’re an experienced businessperson interested in taking advantage of the opportunities in New Zealand right now, the entrepreneur visa could be for you. As with other investment and innovation visas, your family can also be granted work and student visas.

This three year visa is structured in two stages:

Start-up stage: If your application is approved, you will initially be given a 12-month work visa, enabling you to buy or establish your business in New Zealand.

Balance stage: Once you have proven that you have taken steps to establish your business, you are granted the remaining 24 months of your visa.

Global Impact Visa (GIVs)

The GIVs is the best visa option if you’re a highly skilled global leader in your industry and wanting to make a positive global impact from New Zealand.

This visa is designed to attract talented and visionary entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams looking to create lasting positive impact for New Zealand and around the world.

There are two stages to the application process:

  1. Submit an application, and be accepted into, the Edmund Hillary Fellowship
  2. Apply for a Global Impact Visa

Read more about the investment visa pathways available for New Zealand and Australia.

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