Raghav Kapoor

Migration Strategist

Raghav was born and raised in Kolkata, India and then lived in the USA for 6 years to study and work. Over this time he has achieved a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law

In May 2019 Raghav arrived in Australia and settled in Melbourne (although he is still adjusting to the changeable and cold weather!).

Raghav began his career in the immigration industry in 2021 and became an agent in July 2021. He is excited about working in the industry and to be able to help people obtain visas to Australia which has such a big impact on their personal and professional lives. Having been through the process himself, he understands the stress but has also the advantages of migrating to Australia.

Outside of work, Raghav is an avid cricket fan (until M.S. Dhoni retired!) and also enjoys photography as a hobby.

MARN: 2117605