Matthew Drvodelic

Immigration Coordinator

Matthew has a fantastic suite of academic achievements, having gained a Certificate IV in International Trade, a Diploma of International Business, a Bachelor of Business (International Business) and a Bachelor of Laws – all from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

Adding to Matthew’s current achievements, he expects to gain a Graduate Diploma Legal Practice – Leo Cussen by the end of 2022 and be admitted to Legal Practice in February 2023.

Whilst born in Australia, Matthew has a Croatian heritage with his father being a refugee and his mother being a migrant. It is the stories that his grandparents shared of how they escaped former Yugoslavia, making their way to Australia. It is this experience that sparked his interest in immigration law.

Matthew is excited about working in our industry as he can be the person who has the ability to help overseas migrants enjoy the same privileges as he experiences living in Australia which includes the cities, beaches, food and entertainment as well as the historic and natural landmarks.

When Matthew isn’t working (or studying!), he enjoys a very active and healthy lifestyle, taking his fitness seriously. He loves to socialise, try new restaurants, and experience what Melbourne has to offer.