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Renew your employer accreditation

Renew your employer accreditation

In New Zealand’s dynamic industries, skilled staff remain a critical resource. The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) is an important pathway for employers to access a wider pool of international talent to fill specialised roles. Maintaining a valid employer accreditation unlocks this valuable resource, ensuring exceptional talent.

The Importance of Accreditation

Employer accreditation is the crucial first step in the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) process for hiring skilled migrant workers. This accreditation demonstrates to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) the commitment to upholding high standards in specific industry practices. These standards include:

Prioritising local recruitment: Verifying each company has conducted thorough labour market testing to ensure no qualified New Zealanders are available.
Offering competitive wages and conditions: Demonstrating a commitment to fair pay and attractive employment packages for all staff, both local and migrant.
Maintaining compliance: Ensuring each employer adheres to all relevant immigration and employment laws.

This accreditation holds validity for 12 months. After this period, companies have the option to renew their accreditation or allow it to expire.


Renewal of Accreditation

While obtaining the initial accreditation demonstrates commitment to high employment standards, the renewal process is a vital reassessment to ensure ongoing compliance.

Renewal applications require supporting documentation that showcases each employer viability, adherence to business standards, and commitment to supporting migrant worker settlement. Completion certificates for relevant employer modules are also part of a successful application.

To ensure a smooth renewal experience, employers are encouraged to:

Choose the Right Accreditation Type: During renewal, adjust the accreditation type (standard, high-volume, or controlling third party) to best suit each industry’s evolving workforce.

Plan Ahead: Initiate the renewal process at least six weeks prior to the existing accreditation’s expiry date.


Documentation and Compliance

Renewal applications need comprehensive documentation demonstrating ongoing adherence to INZ’s AEWV (Accredited Employer Work Visa) standards. Key areas of focus include:

• Continued training and development opportunities for the existing workforce.
• Documented efforts to recruit and employ suitable New Zealand candidates before offering positions to overseas workers.
• Maintaining or improving employee terms and conditions to meet industry best practices.


Auditing and Monitoring

INZ may conduct audits on accredited companies to verify that they are complying with the conditions of the accreditation. This can include checks on how effectively the employer is engaging with the labour market and the overall treatment of employees.

Fee Structure

Renewal applications require a fee to cover INZ’s administrative costs associated with processing applications and verifying employer adherence to program requirements.


Interim Accreditation: A Safety Net During Renewal

If the accreditation expires while a renewal application is being processed, the employer may qualify for a temporary 3-month interim accreditation. This ensures business continuity while the official renewal is finalised.

The Importance of Continuous Compliance

The renewal process offers an opportunity to adapt to the evolving needs of each sector. Employers can adjust their accreditation type during renewal standard, high-volume, franchisee, or controlling third party, ensuring optimal alignment with their current workforce structure.

Remaining compliant is not only about adhering to legal requirements but also about upholding a reputation as a fair and responsible employer. This status can significantly impact a company’s ability to attract high-quality talent, both local and international.

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