Significant Investor Visa 188C

17th June 2020

The Significant Investor Visa 188C offers a pathway to residency for investors who will be granted a temporary residence visa to invest in Australia. After 4 years the investor will be considered for Permanent Residency.

Conditions for applicants:

  • Nominated by the state / territory to waive the age requirement
  • Submit an Expression of Expiration form using the Skill Selection process
  • Investing $ 5,000,000 AUD in the following type of approved investment:
    • At least $ 500,000 AUD invested in a venture capital fund, or a growth fund, invested in small and start-up private companies
    • At least $ 1,500,000 invested in a management fund, or investment companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), that invest in emerging market companies
    • The remaining $ 3,000,000 is invested in a management fund or LIC that invests in assets such as companies listed on the ASX, corporate bonds, and real estate

Conditions for receiving Permanent Residence:

  • Maintain a continuous investment for 4 years
  • Stay in Australia for at least 40 days / year, 160 days / 4 years (cumulative)
  • Wishing to continue doing business in Australia
  • Residence in a place that is guaranteed by the state government

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