Pathways to Gain Australian Permanent Residency

29th May 2020

There are many types of Australian visas that allow you to become permanent residents after a certain period of time, but here are some of the most common ways:

1. Humanitarian refugees

Visas under this program usually involve individuals under the Convention relating to the status or a Humanitarian Program for individuals who are seriously discriminated against and human rights in their country.

2. Skilled migration

This program is for those who are skilled and have experience in high-demand industries to fill the Australian labour gap, and of course the industry will be mentioned in the list from the Department of Immigration, you can check whether you are satisfied the requirement.

Individual applicants can sponsor their own application or must have a qualified company to sponsor your application by granting job offer.

For this settlement, the Ministry of Immigration usually will not concern if you are a citizen, but what you need to prove is a specific set of skill and qualifications to contribute to Australian labor force, create a diverse and sustainable economy.

3. Family reunion

Including 2 forms: relatives and spouse in the form of Australian immigrant visas family reunion. Under this guarantee, the family is divided into 4 main groups as follows

  • a) Spouses or persons who are about to get married or have lived together
  • b) Parents
  • c) Children
  • d) Other relatives

4. Talent investor & business owner

This category is for individuals who currently own the company operating at least 2 years, and this visa will allow main applicant and whole family to migrate to Australia.

The program is designed with specific requirements for entrepreneurs to attract management experience, investment and potential capital into the Australian market, and of course in return the Government will allow you an opportunity to gain permanent residency after the time the company operates in Australia and meet a number of requirements corresponding to each type of visa.

In addition, under this program, if you have a very successful business history, you may be qualified for direct permanent residency.

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