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29th May 2020

Who are we?

Absolute Immigration is a specialist full service immigration agency. We support businesses and individuals across a range of industries, through visa sponsorship, applications and help clients develop and manage long-term policies and retention strategies for global mobility programs.

Our immigration agents have over 18 years’ experience in the immigration industry and have in-depth knowledge of the visa application process and how to best support companies and individuals focusing on their specific needs.

We have worked closely with the government and stakeholders over the years and in more recent times, have been working with them to develop the Department’s response to the challenges for temporary visa holders and employers affected by COVID-19. We are a huge advocate for the benefits that overseas foreign nationals can bring to Australia.

What are the benefits of using an agent?

Applying for a visa by yourself without the advice of a professional can be stressful, as it can be uncertain that you are applying for the best visa in your circumstances. This can be especially daunting when you are applying to a country whose laws you are unfamiliar with. Engaging an agent means you are ensuring you have the best chance of a successful outcome for your visa application to live in Australia.

The experience agents have from drafting to lodging applications allows them to be well-versed in the requirements and nuances of visas. They also possess specific skills that are integral to completing your visa application, including:

  • Problem solving and problem preventing;
  • Effective communication and analysis skills;
  • Ability to distinguish between facts, inferences, presumptions, and assumptions;
  • Proven advocating, persuasion, and negotiation skills;
  • Experience in researching relevant precedent and legislation and
  • Knowledge of alternative options and persevering to achieve these alternatives.

Ultimately, an agent’s services are an asset to completing your visa application – by having access to advice from your agent, you can be rest assured you are not alone in the process and are on the right path to life in Australia.

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