Advantages of Australian Residence by Investment Program

17th June 2020

To be approved for an Australian visa you usually must meet requirements for advanced English, have a job guaranteed by an Australian company, and be of working age when you want to settle in Australia.

  • NO ENGLISH required
  • NO Australian university degree required

Most of the above requirements are barriers for Vietnamese people. In addition, immigration policies for skilled workers are becoming increasingly tightened by the Government, the risk of rejection increases. Because immigration is highly dependent on issues mostly out of the control of the applicant or simply that the sponsor is not reliable enough.

The Investment Immigration program may be the right option for you to avoid some of the stricter requirements.

Why choose Australian Residence by Investment?

Business Investment Immigration is not for everyone - the requirements are clear and detailed for each.

But if you are the right person, the opportunity will bring you :

  1. Opportunity for permanent citizenship for the whole family
  2. Opportunity to develop the company's sustainable business market to the world
  3. Give your children a completely free high-class education from grade 1 to grade 12
  4. SPECIAL, naturalization opportunities depend largely on your ability
  5. The criteria you need to satisfy are very clear, less emotional than other settlements
  6. Freedom to travel and live in Australia

Challenges of the Program

For any type of immigration to Australia, the Government requires certain criteria to ensure the quality application. The high standard by which Australia selects applications is part of the attraction for many billionaires around the world to want to live in Australia.

“Good Business Skills - Business Experience - Investment Capital” is a brief summary of requirements for business people or investors wishing to immigrate to Australia.

Over the next 10 years as the number of individuals able to immigrate increases, the Government will increasingly tighten requirements. The Australian Government's intention for immigration has generally been a small number of qualified, highly educated people.

If you have owned a business in Vietnam for at least the past 2 years, contact Absolute Immigration VN and we can give you a free assessment for a suitable visa, as well as a safe investment plan for the end purpose - Australian citizenship.

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