COVID-19 Visa Information & FAQs

5th May 2020

I am a 457/482 visa holder and my visa is about to expire

Please speak to your employer in relation to renewing your current visa. Once you have their support, please get in touch with Absolute Immigration for a formal assessment. Please note that sponsorship is not guaranteed.

I am a 457/482 visa holder and my visa does not expire in the next 12 months

COVID -19 does not affect your visa. The Department of Home Affairs has made no announcements on cancelling existing visas and we do not believe they will do so. Your stay in Australia is safe.

I am a 457/482 visa holder and I am about to lose my job

457/482 visa holders that lose their jobs, have 60 days to find another employer willing to sponsor them. It is important to remember that 457/482 visas are not automatically cancelled after 60 days. You need to get in touch with us for further information.

The department will contact you for more information after the 60 days have lapsed so it is important that you update them with your current email and mobile number by calling 131 881.

We can also assist with this service against a small fee.

I am a 500 (student) or a 485 (temporary graduate) visa holder. When should I apply for another visa to remain in Australia?

An application should be made before your current visa expires. In this case, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A that will allow you to remain in Australia while your visa is processing.

If you have more than two years of full time experience, you may be eligible to be sponsored by an employer in Australia for a 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa. We recommend you speak to our team to assess your eligibility and/or to explore other options.

I am a visa holder (other than 500/485) in Australia, my visa is about to expire and I cannot return to my country. Can I extend my stay in Australia?

If you wish to remain in Australia beyond the expiry date of your current visa, you must apply for a further visa before your current visa expires. You may be eligible for a range of visas.

Please contact Absolute Immigration for more information.

I am a temporary visa holder and in a relationship with an Australian

You may be eligible for a Partner Visa. This visa will enable you to continue to work and remain in Australia. Please contact us for an assessment and strategy.

A family member holds a tourist visa with a ‘No Further Stay’ condition attached. Can they stay in Australia beyond their visa expiry?

If a visitor visa includes a ‘No Further Stay’ condition (includes 8503, 8534 and 8535), the holder is unable to make a valid application for most other visas while he or she is in Australia.

A special submission must be made to waiver the condition, before a further visa can be applied for.

We recommend that the visa holder seeks advice at least two months prior to the expiry date of the current visa.

I have a temporary visa but I am outside of Australia at the moment. Can I come back?

Do not attempt to travel to Australia if you not an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, or have a spouse or dependant who is an Australian. You will need to make travel arrangements when the Australian government allows arrivals again.

I have a spouse or child that is left overseas and I am an Australian citizen or Permanent resident.

Immediate family members of Australian permanent residents and Australian citizens are exempt from the current travel ban. Permission must be sought from the Australian government prior to travel and the dependants must hold a visa at the time of the request.

All people entering Australia will need to undertake a mandatory 14 day quarantine period in their port of arrival at designated places.

What about New Zealanders?

New Zealanders (444 visa holders) who are living in Australia as Australian residents are also exempt from the travel ban.

New Zealanders transiting in Australia on the way to New Zealand are exempt from the travel ban.

Pacific Islanders transiting to their home countries are also exempt from the travel ban.

All people entering Australia will need to undertake a mandatory 14 day quarantine period in their port of arrival at designated places.

Can I return to Australia using my Bridging B visa (BVB)?

No, unless you satisfy one of the above exemptions. At this stage, the travel restrictions mean you will be unable to enter Australia while holding a temporary visa.

If your Bridging visa expires and you are outside Australia, you will need to apply for another visa once the travel restrictions have been lifted. We can help.

Who do I contact at Absolute Immigration?

Please call us on 1300 227 658 and we will connect you to one of our awesome team members, no matter where they are.

Alternatively you can email us on

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