Business Talent Visa 132A

17th June 2020

The Business Talent Visa (132A) is particularly suited to business people with a successful business history who wish to come to Australia to open or take over the development of a large-scale business in Australia.

Significant Business History Stream 132A

After the processing time, you and your family will receive a permanent resident visa (PR) with some benefits as follows:

  1. Freedom to stay indefinitely in Australia
  2. Study and work in Australia without limitation
  3. Support for study cost from the Government
  4. Join Medicare for the whole family
  5. Can take citizenship test after 1 year
  6. Ensure everyone in the application satisfy the required time staying in Australia

Program Criteria

  • Under 55 years old
  • Own at least 1 main business * with turnover of AUD 3 million of 2 in the last 4 financial years
  • Total assets: minimum of 1.5 million AUD (own for at least 2 years)
  • Enterprise ownership value: AUD 400,000
  • Business model in Australia: significant benefits to the state economy should be created

Conditions for provision of the Main Business

  • + 51% if turnover <400,000 AUD / year.
  • + 30% if the turnover is> 400,000 AUD / year.
  • + 10% if the company is listed

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