Travellers Urged to Apply for Bridging Visas up to a Month in Advance

Travellers are being urged to apply for Bridging Visa B up to 3-4 weeks before travel, after the Department of Immigration recently confirmed that it will no longer accept face-to-face applications.

According to a statement issued by the Department of Home Affairs, it is in the process of “transforming its online channel” to a self-serve model for the majority of its’ services.

From late-2018 onwards, the immigration offices will now only provide in-person services to visa applicants or businesses that have received a letter from the Department specifically inviting them to attend an in-person appointment.

The majority of visa applications will now need to be lodged by applicants either online or by post, as the Department believes that enquiries will be resolved more quickly via its’ new website.

However, the Department of Immigration has also acknowledged that more complex visa and citizenship issues may still require face-to-face attention, and will continue to see applicants by appointment if required.

If the application presents a complex issue—or the Department needs to see to an applicant in person for citizenship tests or the collection of biometric data—then an officer of the Department will book an office appointment or schedule a call.

The Department of Immigration’s Australian offices will still continue to provide the following in-person services for clients:

  • Biometrics collection
  • Interviews for certain visa subclasses
  • Status resolution
  • Citizenship tests by appointment

As a result, international travellers have also been advised to apply for Bridging Visa B at least 3-4 weeks prior to travel.

This is because the cessation of face-to-face consultations is expected to increase wait times, as well as limiting the ability of applicants to address lodgement issues in a timely fashion.

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