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Recent legislative changes to the Childcare sector have led to increase pressure to locate skilled and experienced staff that cannot be filled by the local labour market.

Absolute Immigration Services actively work with multi-site childcare centres in relation to their strategic overseas recruitment and immigration programs, ensuring ongoing access to skilled and experienced overseas foreign nationals.

Our ongoing work includes audit and compliance, overseas recruitment strategy, the development and implementation of policies and procedures, as well as ongoing processing of visa applications through the business sponsored schemes.

Mining, Contracting and Engineering

With extensive experience working in the Bowen Basin, our Principal Registered Migration Agent, Jamie Lingham, has an excellent understanding of what is required for the successful attraction and retention of workers that undertake their role in rural and remote areas.

Working with some of Australia’s largest mining, contracting and engineering companies, Absolute Immigration Services has developed and implemented models that enable successful settlement and retention for overseas foreign nationals to rural and remote locations.

We have worked with companies in both Australia and overseas to facilitate successful recruitment and immigration programs that have delivered significant cost benefits for our clients.  We do not provide recruitment services and can therefore advise clients on the best approach in relation to immigration which is free from any conflict of interest.

Given this tough proving ground, Absolute Immigration Services have the skills, expertise and innovation to ensure that our clients in these industries gain maximum benefit from our insights, provided through years of experience and favourable outcomes for clients.


Absolute Immigration Services understand recruitment.  Representing a number of ASX listed companies; we have had the ability to contribute to a number of initiatives that have been driven by some global leaders in this space.

We have been instrumental in contributing to the strategy and approach to employment and retention of overseas foreign nationals for all of our clients that operate in this area.  We have developed processes that assist our clients achieve considerable cost savings, as well as achieve higher rates of retention.

We have worked on a number of Labour Agreements for the On-Hire industry and are actively involved in the industry through network associations and peak industry organisations.


As advisors to some of the largest hospitality groups, Absolute Immigration Services is well placed to provide advice to operators ranging from small restaurants and pubs, through to multi-site operators and large hotel chains.  We often present at industry functions and also provide ongoing updates and commentary through industry newsletters, magazines and blogs.

Our specialists in this area bring a rich history and vast network of contacts to add value to our clients that currently operate in this space.  We work with our clients to develop robust immigration compliance, policies and procedures as well as attraction and development strategies using a range of visa types.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing dedication and involvement within the hospitality sector and will continue to work closely with thought leaders and key stakeholders to further enhance the quality of workers that participate in this industry.


Being involved with the retail sector for the past year, Absolute Immigration Services understand the complexities that are facing the retail industry and the challenges to attract and retain great staff.

Absolute Immigration Services represent some of Australia’s largest multi-site retailers, with some of our clients operating in excess of 100 locations across Australia. Accessing talent for key roles within these businesses has been instrumental to their growth and continued success in the industry.

We actively work with these clients to develop strategies that will enable them to remain competitive in a very tough sector and look forward to assisting you with your challenges.

Information Technology

Our involvement with one of the most dynamic sectors in the world comes with the greatest amount of challenges faced by companies operating in the Australian market.  Increased accessibility and competition from off-shore has resulted in an extremely vibrant and competitive industry.

As part of our ongoing service to clients we have been actively involved with assisting with assessing eligibility for overseas foreign nationals to travel to and work in Australia.  On more than one occasion we have assisted with advice on geographical placement of staff, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Acting for and on behalf of one of Australia’s largest users of the business sponsored schemes, Absolute Immigration Services are well versed in managing programs in the healthcare and biotech sectors.  We understand the challenges faced in these sectors.

Our team have undertaken significant compliance audits of our client’s overseas sponsorship programs, including developing and delivering communications and training strategies for multiple locations covering a vast geographical area, including rural and remote centres.

This experience has enabled us to develop systems and processes that will quickly identify key stakeholders, deliver training and roll out new policies and procedures that our clients can easily implement throughout the business.  This ensures ongoing compliance for participation in these schemes.

We are also the key point of contact for some of Australia’s largest associations in the life sciences sector and provide ongoing updates, newsletters, blogs and immigration services for members.


Absolute Immigration Services have undertaken large compliance audits for significant users of the business sponsorship schemes and know exactly what is required to ensure ongoing compliance for employers of overseas foreign nationals.

There are a number of processes that can be used to ensure ongoing compliance and we have significant experience working with larger organisations that have multiple locations throughout Australia.  We take the time to understand your business and develop effective policies and procedures that will greatly improve the way you approach your Australian immigration compliance.

We thrive in this area and relish the challenges that it brings.  We take pride in delivering solutions to complex issues. And look forward to addressing your particular challenges and formulating effective solutions.

Aged Care

Absolute Immigration Services fully understands the dynamic nature of the Aged Care sector and is able to provide an agile immigration service that is suited to owners of Aged Care facilities.

With an aging population, demand is only going to increase for your services, putting greater pressure on your capacity to deliver in a timely and cost effective manner.

Absolute Immigration Services will partner with you to create strategies that ensure that you are able to deliver on expectations while generate significant cost savings.

Partner Visas

The Agents at Absolute Immigration Services understand the significance of being with loved ones who are overseas foreign nationals. As a result of representing numerous clients who are in a similar situation, we have developed processes and methods that will ensure that you have the best chance of success of living your life in Australia with your significant other.

Business Innovation and Investment

Our CEO Jamie Lingham is passionate about business and the benefits business migration can deliver to Australia and to our clients.  Jamie has been invited to deliver presentations at industry- specific conferences in Australia and Hong Kong and is well versed with the Significant Investor visa.

Parent Visas

We understand the important contributions parents have made and often continue to make.  The team at Absolute Immigration Services understand how important it is to be close to our parents and have assisted numerous people bring there parents over to Australia.  Many clients who thought that this would never be possible due to the complexities involved have found in our team a helpful and willing to assist and support individuals through this process. We work hard to provide solutions and make family reunions a reality.

Centralising Immigration

Absolute Immigration began working with a large healthcare provider, who were managing their immigration program internally, but at individual sites around Australia.

The company were dealing in an industry where there were significant skills shortages at the lower salary level. The HR team in each location was trying to locate skilled workers at short notice, and also manage other HR functions which was causing issues.

As a result, the company was dealing with a large number of different immigration agencies, and didn’t have a full understanding of all of the visa options that they could have at their disposal to manage the needs of their business. There were instances where these external providers were acting as employment agencies and charging the visa applicants a hefty fee for locating

To make matters worse, there were issues with a number of the visa applications, resulting in visa application refusals due to conflicting information provided to the Department from a number of sources. The employer realised that not only had they lost control of the application process, they realised that the business was not benefitting from a financial and resourcing perspective by trying to manage their immigration program internally.

After completing an initial audit of the sponsored workers and population of overseas foreign nationals not on 457 visas, Absolute Immigration set about centralising the process which enabled the company to think strategically about how they managed their immigration program.

Absolute Immigration continues to work with this company, and since having centralised the process, there are fewer people required to be involved on the client side which has enhanced the quality and effectiveness of the program. Not only has the company been able to redeploy internal HR staff to work on high value projects, they are also benefiting from the pricing advantage of working with one provider.

In addition, Absolute Immigration is active with providing advice in relation to their international recruitment campaigns and is involved in the company’s overall international recruitment strategy. This involvement has saved a considerable amount of time and expense in delivering significant benefits through a robust model for recruiting overseas foreign nationals.

Immigration Blitz Project

Absolute Immigration were engaged to complete a full in-house compliance audit as part of a significant state-based healthcare business. This organisation is one of Australia’s largest users of the business sponsored programs.

Absolute Immigration was engaged for a six month period and discovered that various areas of the business had different processes for international recruitment and immigration. The organisation had each of the facilities individually managing visa applications and compliance, with no reporting lines or accountability. There was no centralised system for managing overseas foreign nationals, despite the main organisation held ultimate liability for the business sponsor undertakings.

Absolute Immigration was engaged by the organisation becoming responsible for reviewing the employer’s process from engaging overseas foreign nationals. The activity ranged from the recruitment process, undertaking right to work checks and looking at the assessment of medical professionals through to the visa application process as well as working with the company to develop appropriate attraction and retention strategies for overseas foreign nationals. The work was centred around compliance and ensuring that the company had robust systems and processes to ensure that there was no issues with managing their business sponsor undertakings.

Absolute Immigration standardised the entire immigration process throughout the organisation and provided the company with the tools necessary to successfully manage their immigration program. The company continue to undertake some of the work in-house and also retain Absolute Immigration for high level strategic and compliance issues as well as specific applications for certain visa sub classes.

Immigration Consolidation

Absolute Immigration was approached by a large membership organisation to provide immigration services to their membership base. Prior to working with Absolute Immigration, this organisation didn’t have a consistent provider. This resulted in inconsistent advice provided to members, which was creating significant confusion.

Absolute Immigration implemented a uniform approach to this organisation and took responsibility for providing services to the membership base. This resulted in significant benefits to the organisation, as well as their members, as the collective bargaining power of the group enabled a favourable pricing structure to be created and significantly improved the quality and consistency of the advice that they received.

Members were happy with the partnership with Absolute Immigration. One of the reasons being that Absolute Immigration do not charge for initial advice which reflected well with the members of this organisation. Absolute Immigration has a policy of not charging for initial high level advice and are more than happy to advise potential clients as to whether they require professional advice or if they are compliant with immigration requirements, hence not requiring the assistant of an Agent.

Immigration Process Outsourcing (IPO)

A number of visa holders from a large construction business contacted Absolute Immigration to seek independent advice as these employees were uncertain about the advice they were receiving from their employer’s current immigration provider. Both the provider and the business failed to communicate recent legislative changes and the impact that these had on visa applicants.

As a result of these queries, Absolute Immigration contacted the employer to advise them of their employees' concerns and the potential exposure to unnecessary risk as a result of the employer’s current program. The employer was a large and complex organisation. It required a proactive, hands-on approach to immigration which was not being provided by their current immigration supplier.

The employer was working with a larger provider and whilst unhappy, were reluctant to change due to concerns that the program would not be managed as well by a mid-tier provider.

On the strength of the level of proactivity and initial support provided by AIS, the company agreed to outsource the management of their immigration program to AIS, which included looking after the requirements of over 400 visa holders across a number of locations throughout Australia.

As a starting point, AIS assisted this company by conducting a thorough audit of every single visa holder in the business, and liaised directly with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in relation to business sponsorship obligations, which had not been completely met. The company had believed that they were compliant and were doing everything correctly, however there were non compliant issues raised, as a consequence of the previous provider not working with this employer in an integrated and proactive manner.

As part of AIS’s model, they have a highly skilled and experienced resource sitting onsite within the group HR team, and are proactively involved in the recruitment process of skilled workers from overseas, as well as the ongoing management of the immigration program. Having specialist immigration skills and experience onsite has enabled this company to save several million dollars in costs from the program that were not obligatory.

Efficiencies were also achieved in centralising the company’s communication process across the business, and also standardised policies and procedures which had varied dramatically from office to office prior to the introduction of AIS’s streamlined systems and processes.

The process with this client reinforced the value that an integrated and collaborative relationship between the client and AIS can deliver significant benefits that are not possible in a transactional agency/client relationship.


We have used Absolute Immigration Services for a couple of years now as our provider of immigration services in relation to the processing of both temporary and permanent residence visas and related matters.  We are a national group of companies who have always required that large numbers of visa applications are processed as soon as is humanly possible and Absolute Immigration Services have never failed to deliver with their attention to detail, clear communications and untiring dedication to expediting applications.  We have also found that Jamie Lingham has an excellent understanding of the industry that we operate in.  Absolute Immigration Services have also always been of immediate and practical assistance in assisting us with being able to properly comply with the various and complex obligations we have to the many visa holders who we have engaged.  We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Absolute Immigration Services to anyone requiring immigration assistance provided at the highest professional levels.
Claire Cook - Legal Advisor ~ Clarius Group Limited
The Absolute Immigration team made a monumental improvement to our international worker program.  They are truly  specialists in their field and hold a client service ethic that ensures we are well supported and advised.  Jamie’s business acumen assists our international worker program to operate in synergy with broader business strategies and in doing so, he has become a extension of our decision making team rather than just an external advisor.
Viv Gayton - HR Manager ~ Mastermyne Pty Ltd
Oncore Group have utilised Absolute Immigration Services for all our 457 visa and PR application requirements for Employees and contract staff over an extended period. Jamie has always ensured a fast and efficient turnaround and come up with solutions and suggestions with the more "testing" scenarios that have arisen from time to time. Jamie is highly professional, energetic, and exceptionally positive in his approach. I would recommend any corporate to utilise his services at Absolute Immigration Services. Jamie also took care of my own Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications, so i can also highly recommend him personally for individual visa requirements
Michael Hoare - Consultant ~ Oncore Services
Hi Natalie, I wanted to also let you know that we have had many challenges in the past with other Visa providers and we are excited to work with Absolute. While you and I are unable to proceed with this particular assignment, I will be reporting all good things to my company regarding Absolute. Your communication has been professional, friendly, and responses to emails have been timely and very helpful. Thank you again for all of your assistance thus far.
April Strickland ~ Relocation Manager - TheMIGroup
Brennan's response to our request for client feedback..... For all of these fields, I rate my experienced as a 5. Andrel was incredibly helpful and prompt. She answered all of my questions in a clear way and made it obvious that she understood what I needed from the visa even better than I did. I could not be more pleased. I would certainly recommend the service to anyone making their way to Australia. I cannot imagine going through the process in any other way. I really appreciate this opportunity to praise Andrel and the service.    
Brennan K McDavid - University of Melbourne
AHA (Vic) members have benefitted from the direction and support being made available to them through the Absolute Immigration Team.  AHA (Vic) are able to refer members seeking immigration/visa information to Absolute Immigration for initial no obligation discussions and advice with an opportunity for Absolute Immigration to then proceed to assist the member through the complex application paper work in a timely and cost effective process.
John Sweetman - Mr John Sweetman ~ Workplace Relations Advisor ~ Australian Hotels Association (Vic)
I would like to say a big thank you to Andrel for the help. I was really happy with how she handled herself whenever I dealt with her, she was respectful in all correspondence, would explain to me things that I did not understand and also responded to my emails and phone all in the earliest possible time. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I would recommend anyone in need of visa application to contact your office. I think you should have an office in Perth too :)
Joshua Simpaya - Ruah Community Services
Jamie has managed immigration for me from 457 business sponsored, bridging visa and Permanent Residency. I would thoroughly recommend him to others, particularly if they've been knocked back by other immigration agencies. Jamie is exceptionally knowledgeable in every area of immigration.
Lana Snook - HR Manager ~ Ruah Community Services
Majlinda,  thank you very much for everything that you did for us throughout.  We couldn't have a better Migration Agent than you.  You are really a gem, having patience with us through this journey and making our lives better.  Appreciate you, and may you have everything that you ever wished.  We thank all the Absolute Immigration Staff for their best service as well.
Marian and Gihan Chaturanthi ~ Permanent Visa Application
The advise was exceptional and clear, Mark delivered a positive understanding of what was required and proposed time frame. With Mark's experience within the industry,  communication, judgement and stage processes was exceptional.  Mark was always instantaneous on feedback. He output was always very prompt and always kept me in the loop.  I would always recommend not just Marks but also the company's commitment throughout the process of the visaNo suggestions required, Keep up the good work AIS!! Much appreciate your support throughout the process  
Matt O'Reilly ~ QLD & NSW CAD Team Leader/Optus Wireless Project - Visionstream
I rate Absolute Immigration very highly across all levels of immigration advice. I have a wonderful working relationship with Majlinda.  Her service delivery is always of the highest standard.  
Miriam Theuma ~HR Consultant - DHL Global Forwarding
"Dear Jamie Lingham, On the 4th of April, 2014 it was my 10 year anniversary of living in Perth, Australia.  I just wanted to thank you again for the life changing gift that you gave me by being my Immigration Agent.  I will be forever grateful to you for your help in making Australia my home". Kindest Regards, E Blackwell.
Ms Blackwell
Absolute Immigration have been from the outset extremely professional. Jamie Lingham and his team of exceptional immigration specialists are always proactive, knowledgeable and personable. Not only have our visa applications been seamless, Absolute Immigration genuinely have an interest in improving the internal visa experience for our employees. No scenario is too complex and is always met with a speedy solution, taking the stress out of the situation for both ourselves as an employer and our staff members.”
Sophie Tyrpenou - Sophie Tyrpenou ~ People and Culture Executive ~ Ikon Communications
Dear Ben Thank you for fabulous news. I very appreciate Australia from given opportunity to stay here and become an Aussie citizen in the future. Also, I would like to say thank you to whole Absolute Immigration but especially to you for perfect leading my visa process. Thank you Guys. I am going to buy some Vegemite and we will be eating whole evening, full jar of course.
The Szeptak family