Recruitment industry targeted Consultants to be removed from 457 sponsor list

The Australian Department of Employment has put forward recommendations that five occupations be added to the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and four occupations be removed, making them ineligible for sponsorship through the subclass 457 and (upcoming) 2018 TSS visa programs.
As the ninth most sponsored occupation in New South Wales and the 13th most nominated occupation for the whole of Australia, the announcement that Recruitment Consultants are scheduled to be removed from the list has come as a massive shock to specialists in both the recruitment and migration industries.
As part of the April announcement, the occupation of Recruitment Consultant was limited to companies wanting to pay a base salary of $65,000.00 (plus Super) and also to organisations that had five or more employees.
Absolute Immigration undertakes a significant amount of work in the recruitment sector and CEO, Mr Jamie Lingham commented “This is a bold move to cut an occupation from an industry that has traditionally struggled to retain employees. This move by the Department surprises not only myself but also my colleagues and many clients”.
“It appears that those who have yelled loudest have received the greatest amount of attention from the Government and this is apparent with the inclusion of ; Property Managers, Real Estate Agents and University Tutors to the list’’ said Lingham “We believe that the recruitment industry and individual operators need to work together to ensure that this latest announcement by an out-of-touch Department does not go unchallenged”
Based on the changes of April 2017, the removal of 216 occupations did not only affect new applications but also affected applications that had been lodged and not decided. In addition, applications who were going through the appeal process with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal were refused, without a refund being offered.
“These actions significantly affect lives of visa applicants many of whom have just over one month to organise their affairs and depart Australia. This can also have a devastating impact on the companies that have invested significant funds and resource for the visa application process”” said Lingham. “Given the fact that there was a 41.2% increase in sponsorship between 2015/16 and 2016/17, we believe that there will be an unacceptable number of people who may have an uncertain future in Australia”.
The changes are still open to stakeholder consultation and submissions need to be provided to the Department by 1 December 2017. Final decisions regarding the new list are to be released on 1 January 2018.
For more information on how this could affect your business or for assistance with preparing submissions to the Department please contact Absolute Immigration on 1300 227 658