Absolute Immigration Launches Global Migration Services

Navigating the complicated world of commercial migration can be a hazardous minefield at the best of times.

Many businesses—as well as individual workers—find themselves unprepared for the level of
money, time, and difficulty involved in meeting their visa application requirements.

Absolute Immigration understands that offering global mobility for our clients is about providing
solutions that go beyond the transaction.

Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to guide clients through the complicated
world of international migration.

We offer a range of outbound visa services worldwide, and work with our clients to provide them
with a personalised service which supports their global mobility program.

Absolute Immigration has launched a new dedicated International Visa Services division—headed by an international migration specialist—which handles all outbound immigration. This ensures that our global clients receive the highest level of attention and care when it comes to managing the visa application process.

The benefit of partnering with Absolute Immigration for international visa requirements is that we can save time, costs and we operate in your time zone. We manage the entire application process to ensure that the best outcome is delivered, whilst also contributing to the ongoing value of your business.

If you have any questions or would like us to assist with your global immigration queries, please
contact us on 1300 ABSOLUTE (1300 227 658).

Jamie Lingham

Chief Executive Officer

MARN 0108123