Monthly Archives: September 2017

Victoria to Introduce Australia’s Strictest Labour-Hire Licensing Laws

The Victorian Government will introduce tough new laws—making the state the strictest in Australia—to stamp out the exploitation of vulnerable workers in the labour-hire industry. The legislative overhaul will take place later this year, and involve the introduction of a state-based listening scheme for labour-hire industries, as well as significantly stiffer penalties for the exploitation… Read More

Businesses Turn to the 400 Visa Following Immigration Shakeup

According to media reports, the previously little-known 400 visa has become the “new frontier for unscrupulous employers” that are attempting to cut costs by employing a workforce of temporary foreign nationals. The visa was designed to quickly move international specialists into short-term roles, and has become popular in recent months as a “sleeper” category—due to… Read More

SA to Introduce Labour-Hire Licensing to Stamp Out Worker Exploitation

The SA State Government is planning to introduce a bill to parliament which will require all labour-hire companies operating in the state to be licensed. The new policy has been put forward as a means of dealing with the ongoing instances of illegal worker exploitation. Although there are already requirements in place to regulate the… Read More

Absolute Immigration Launches Global Migration Services

Navigating the complicated world of commercial migration can be a hazardous minefield at the best of times. Many businesses—as well as individual workers—find themselves unprepared for the level of money, time, and difficulty involved in meeting their visa application requirements. Absolute Immigration understands that offering global mobility for our clients is about providing solutions that… Read More

Backpacker Numbers Continue to Spiral as WHM Applications Decline

New figures have shown that the number of backpackers coming to Australia is continuing to dwindle, with visa applications declining by almost 5000 during the 2016-2017 period. The slowdown in applications follows the government’s decision to introduce a new tax rate of 15% for Work Holiday Maker (WHM) visa holders, which is prompting potential travellers… Read More