Monthly Archives: February 2017

Temporary Migrant Workers Continue to Face Exploitation

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), has revealed that iconic Melbourne-based restaurant, Café Di Stasio, was recently found guilty of underpaying six temporary migrant workers who were employed in their kitchen. Investigators for the FWO found that the award-winning St Kilda café had been significantly underpaying four chefs and two members of the bar staff. The… Read More

Shorten Calls for Visa Fee Increase, Despite Nursing 457’s Reaching Three-Year Low

The Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, has called for Australian employers to pay higher fees if they wish to employ temporary foreign workers. The idea first surfaced in private bill—which was originally introduced to Parliament late last year—and proposes an array of new changes intended to tighten Australia’s temporary skilled migration program, and make it significantly… Read More

Government Pushes for Deportation of Chronic Youth Offenders

The Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton, has suggested lowering the age of criminal deportation to 16, as a way of dealing with a growing youth crime crisis. A federal migration committee is currently examining the issue of young crime gangs, and is considering using deportation as a means of preventing future offences. The Chief Commissioner… Read More