Monthly Archives: January 2017

Australian Tech Sector Awaits Skills Influx Following America’s Temporary Migration Crackdown

Australia’s technology sector is looking to American President-elect, Donald Trump, as a possible solution to its ongoing staffing shortages. With skilled-immigration already the focus of sustained criticism from the Trump—forming part of his broader attacks on migrants as a whole—Australian employers are hoping that stringent new policies introduced under his administration will have the effect… Read More

Government Promises Short-Term Migration Crackdown to Combat Terrorists

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has issued a statement claiming that terrorists have been exploiting Australia’s temporary visa program to enter the country. The Minister for Immigration also vowed to launch a crackdown on short term migration pathways, which he argues are vulnerable to exploitation by a “rapidly evolving threat”. Dutton compared the potential risk… Read More

Backpacker Tax Registration Deadline Approaches for Employers of WHM’s

On the final Parliamentary sitting day of 2016, the Australian government finally managed to successfully deliver its highly controversial backpacker tax legislation. In exchange for a series of concessions and new measures, the Greens party agreed to help push the bill through the senate at the Coalition’s preferred tax rate of 15%. Business owners who… Read More

Leaked Cabinet Documents Reveal Radical Plan to Reform Visa System

Leaked cabinet level documents have revealed that the Coalition government is secretly planning to put forward legislative reforms which would radically reshape Australia’s visa system. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have opened an investigation into the leak after Fairfax Media obtained and then published the cabinet documents. In the wake of their release, concerns have… Read More

Warrigal Group Faces Criticism over Use of 457 Workers for New Aged-Care Project

An Illawarra-based health-care provider for the elderly, Warrigal, has been criticised by the state’s Health Services Union (HSU) for announcing a plan to staff its medical facilities with temporary foreign workers. The CEO of Warrigal, Mark Sewell, has confirmed that the elder-care provider—which has ten facilities located across Illawarra, the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands—is… Read More

The Government’s Unseen Attack on Temporary Foreign Workers

A senior migration consultant for Absolute Immigration Services (AIS), Mark Sutherland, has uncovered what appears to be a back-door requirement for Labour Market Testing (LMT), hidden in the Government’s new Code for Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016. The Government’s move comes as part of a protracted campaign—fuelled by a wave of anti-globalisation populism… Read More