Monthly Archives: September 2016

Government Announces Changes to Temporary Activity Visa Program

According to reports, the Australian Government is set to institute sweeping changes to its temporary activity visa framework, as of November 19. The new policies are still subject to approval by the Governor-General, and are part of an ongoing review of the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programmes. The migration program review is aimed… Read More

Australia has Settled Less than 4000 of the Promised 12,000 Syrian Refugees

Despite the government’s initial support for plans to grant 12,000 Syrian refugees asylum seeker status, reports are showing that after twelve months only a quarter have managed to successfully migrate to Australia. New figures have been released which reveal that only 3532 Syrians and Iraqis have arrived in Australia as part of last year’s one-off… Read More

Productivity Commission Calls for Significant Changes to Australia’s Migration Program

Earlier this week a report undertaken by the Productivity Commission was released which offered several highly controversial recommendations for Australia’s migration program. The report, entitled Migrant Intake into Australia, argues that Australia’s current migration policies fail to account for an overall population plan, which may lead to serious infrastructure problems in the future. In response… Read More

Evidence of Migrant Worker Exploitation at Blueberry Farms Uncovered

Another incident of temporary migrant worker exploitation has been uncovered, with a Coffs Coast blueberry farm found illegally forcing employees to work for 36 hours straight. The 26 workers—who were recruited from Vanuatu by a Melbourne-based labour hire syndicate known as Seasonal Labour Solutions Pty Ltd— were also underpaid almost $15,000, according to reports from… Read More

Scanlon Report Highlights Discrimination and Disadvantage Faced by Migrant Groups

A report has been released by the Scanlon Foundation examining the levels of integration and social cohesion that are experienced by incoming migrants. The study, entitled Australians Today, was produced via a partnership with Monash University and the Australia Multicultural Foundation, and involved the surveying of over 10,000 individuals from twenty different countries of origin…. Read More